Empathy and this Digital World

This article via The Adelaide Review is a great commentary on the reality of the Digital Environment we all, whether we like it or not, inhabit.

I resonate so strongly with this article as work with older Australian business owners often and this is a common thread. Plus the impatience of society generally with understanding how this divide impacts them.

In our Felt Masterclasses on how to run social I use the analogy of digging a trench or pathway in the brain to even start to understand how to use digital technology.

After all I was 20 before I ever used a computer and my parents were 40+. How many neural pathways have already been laid in that time?!

Younger folk started much earlier, so their brain has far more neuroplasticity around this subject. Little ones today won't even have to dig. Those pathways are laid down almost from birth... Rightly or wrongly.

Read on and maybe the next time you feel frustrated with someone older than yourself for their clear lack of how to do it, take a moment to reflect that this is actually probably VERY hard for them. And something, in another lifetime they would never have even given the time of day.

In my case its using the multitude of apps to run business these days. I am often overwhelmed due to being busy and therefore time poor and just cant get my head around them. So at Felt we use a few systems to account for the different generations in the business and how our minds work; paper based, apps etc

Ultimately we still get where we are going. We just use slightly different paths to get there.

x Jess